Why ain’t you wakesurfing?!

what is wakesurfing?!

Wakesurfing is similar to surfing using the wave of a boat on a freshwater lake instead of using the motion of the ocean.

No tow ropes, no cables, no paddling out.

Just you, a boat and a never- ending wave!

Everyone who has tried wakesurfing is immediately hooked and now you can ride that perfect wave on the Why Ain’t You Wakesurfing Camps.

why ain’t you wakesurfing?!

Why Ain’t You Wakesurfing offers progression wakesurfing camps in the beautiful warm and sunny Limousin region in France. We know comfortable accommodation, delicious food and friendly staff are essentials for a great holiday! We’ll make sure you leave with a new set of skills great new friends and already excited about your next camp!

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