Why Ain't You Racing?!

Park based race training with competition coaching.

Our Racing Philosophy – Good riders are good riders

We first took our freestyle kids into a banked slalom event in 2017 and they killed it! In 2018 we entered the SBX Trophy series and came away with multiple wins and 4 overall series podiums. How did they beat a field of dedicated sbx riders with no specific race training?!

Good riders are good riders. All snowboarding skills are transferable. If you love air time and can ride the whole mountain with speed, then you can be competitive on a track. Learning to spin off kickers and slide along rails, you know how to turn on and off your edges. From kickers to corners, you need to know your edges.

New for 1819 we have introduced our SBX Olympic Pathway for kids who are focused on race training and competition development.

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ski cross – take a different approach

Almost all Ski Cross athletes come from a slalom background. This means everyone knows how to tuck and turn! What then splits the field?

The race is won or lost in the AIR! We focus our Ski Cross training in the park to maximise airtime and utilise the terrain of transitions. With freestyle drills such as ‘switch straight airs’ and ’90 degree landings’, we build confidence through aerial control in our athletes, something which the rest of the field lacks.

Take a different approach to Ski Cross training with Why Ain’t You Racing?!

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