Scholarship Programme

Sharing and supporting our passion. Why Ain't You Jibbin?


With extra emphasis on fitness and attitude, we will once again be offering scholarship opportunities. Test your skills against our Olympic Pathway and push yourself through our ‘Black Jacket ‘ fitness test.
Apply below, let us know what this would mean to you.

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What and Why?

This company exists because we love skiing and snowboarding. We do our best to keep costs down but we are aware it isn’t always accessible to everyone. There are kids out there with so much incredible potential that dont have access to regular coaching in the mountains. This is a way for us to support the future of our sport by sharing our passion with a wider demographic.

We are proud to offer this aid to all motivated shredders that fall in line with our Olympic Pathway. In order for us to evaluate the potential in an individual we need to witness it first hand at one of our camps. If you have already ridden with us please get in touch to signal your interest. We can only take a limited number of shredders each season so be patient and keep working hard.

The Programmes

Three levels of aid tailored to the individual.

Half Term Scholarship

This covers the October, February & Easter Camp. Coaching, travel* and lift pass included.

Six Week Scholarship

This covers 6 weeks at any point during the winter season. Ideally we will coordinate weeks with the athlete to represent Team Why Ain’t You at an international competition. Coaching, travel**, lift pass and school tuition*** is included.

Full Season Scholarship

If an athlete continually exceeds our expectations in the level of their riding, competition results, fitness and nutrition then a full season scholarship may be offered. This will cover coaching & school tuition from October through to May. This scholarship is not easy to achieve. We currently have one athlete on this programme.

* return travel on the minibus from Cobham Services, England on the M25.
** travel covered if outbound or return travel aligns with Half Term minibus.
*** school work must be provided by the individuals school. Martin, our tutor is on hand to help and ensure work is completed.

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