Meet the 'Black Jacket' Team

Black Jackets

Join the team!

Step one: ride with us! Join us for a camp or any other week which suits you. Learn about our programme and find out if it’s a good fit. We require a commitment to work hard on and off the snow! You must be driven to progress through our pathway and represent Team Why Ain’t You at international competition. New to 1819 is our fitness requirement. The ‘Black Jacket’ team must meet or exceed the test demands, follow our nutritional guidance and complete all work provided by their school.

Get in touch! Take a look at Module One of your chosen discipline to find your place in our pathway. Are you on the Road to the Olympics? If you are unsure of your level give us a call, send us some footage and we can tell you where you fit into our programme. 

Blue Jackets

For athletes who are progressing through our pathway and are making gains into the fitness criteria. These are earned and to be worn at international competitions where you will represent Team Why Ain’t You!

Progression is carefully monitored of new and existing athletes. The ‘Blue Jackets’ must maintain their standard and continue to develop in line with coaches expectations. House activity is also taken into consideration. House staff observe nutrition and diet daily. House chores are recored. School work goals are overseen by our Tutor Martin. We expect a lot from our ‘Blue Jackets’ athletes!!


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