Why Ain't You Jibbin?

Freeski and snowboard programme with international competition coaching.

Olympic Coaching

Coach Kate grew up in Ontario, Canada riding the icy pipe walls. Her knack for edge control saw her join the National British Team in 2004. After competing in the 2006 Olympics she continued to train with Team GB and travel the World Cup circuit until 2010. Since then she has been working alongside Steve Addicott at the WAY Academy to train the next generation of Olympians.

The proof is in the pudding! Our international Team tops the rankings across 3 nations with multiple podiums at the World Rookie Tour. All of our coaches follow the Why Ain’t You Jibbin Coaches Manual for a consistent technical approach. We keep it simple with our favourite phrase; “straight, rotate, pop”.

Our Olympic Pathway

We have broken down a clear progression for our academy athletes to reach the top of their chosen discipline. Four simple ‘Modules’ present the steps you need to climb. Once a module is completed, the next opens allowing the athlete to have clear and manageable goals. Just as importantly it allows us as coaches to ensure full development and manage risk.

Each module aligns with regional and international competitions which have been verified with the governing bodies, proving substance to our system. The expectations in Module 4 will grow as the sport does. To keep it concise, we have only included tricks that have been landed in competition.

Have you completed Module One?


The physical demands of this sport are intense. To make sure we can land as often as possible and to ride away when we don’t – we gotta train! Our ‘Black Jacket’ team have a fitness requirement which they must maintain. As their ages increases so do the demands!

During the winter season, we have ‘backyard fitness’ three times a week where we mix up the programme and keep our bodies guessing. The older kids have two extra weight sessions in our gym to isolate and strengthen muscle groups.

Are you fit enough?!

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Nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of health. To compliment our active lifestyle we need to eat right. We are realistic about the dietary palette of a 10 year old, but persistence is key!

We are providing packed lunches on the hill with fresh rolls and fruit. Calories are counted to ensure our athletes can perform all day on and off snow. Food groups are covered throughout evening meals where we monitor plates to ensure proteins and greens are eaten. To top it off we have a juice night every Thursday packed with delicious natural vitamins and minerals! 


It’s not all fun and games! We understand the importance of a good school education and accommodate time for schooling around our sports programme. With a tutor on hand to help with the work the individuals school has provided and house staff with an education background, there is no excuse.

Living full-time in Austria, the kids are exposed to many cultural experiences they wouldn’t in the class room. With daily house chores, the kids learn cooperation, discipline, social interaction and respect. We have found this opportunity provides the perfect motivation for kids to do their school work in the time allotted.


We have an awesome team house in the Zillertal Valley, Austria. Just 40 minutes from Innsbruck Airport and the 5 minutes from a selection of the best parks in Europe.

The house itself has 13 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a movie room, schoolwork space, equipment room, wax room, garden trampolines and a gym. Across the field is a facility with a swimming pool, sauna, skate park, climbing wall and trampoline park.

The house is staffed but feels like a home. We really are just a big family! Follow the button below to see for yourself – Cribs Style!

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Team Why Ain’t You

Here is the future of our sport. ‘Black Jackets’ are reserved for elite juniors that meet our stringent on and off snow criteria. Team Way Ain’t You athletes are on the road to the Olympics, following our pathways, fitness standards and nutritional goals.

‘Blue Jackets’ are reserved for team members who are dedicated and are working towards our ‘Black Jacket’ standard. Progression is carefully monitored and we are always excited to add another member to Team Why Ain’t You!

If you would like to learn more and talk to one of our coaches about where you would fit into our programme, then please get in touch.

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We are affiliated with Snowsports England to ensure that everyone can enjoy Snowsport activities in a safe, happy and supported environment.

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