why ain’t you jibbing?!

We offer a full-time winter training package with 6 days on snow training, international competition coaching, fitness and nutritional goals. We currently have over 10 junior skiers and snowboarders from 5 countries living in the WAY House here in Zillertal, Austria.

We offer Camps at busy periods for anyone to live and train with Team WAY. We believe competition experience is priceless so do our best to align these weeks with local events. If our dates dont suit you or you went extra training, we are here from October to May so you can join us any time!

Why Ain’t You Jibbin?! is committed to training snowboarders and skiers to the highest level with highly qualified professional coaches Steve Addicott, James Foster, Kate Foster, Malcolm McLean and Will Noble. From day one of the course your riding skills will be assessed and enhanced and soon it will be you landing and riding away from those impossible tricks you thought you’d never do!

The Why Ain’t You Jibbin?! team of coaches are highly motivated and passionate about the sport. Each bring their own expertise to the different disciplines of the sport and they have over 50 years riding experience between them … including 60 World Cup starts …. Olympic level riding and coaching … CASI and BASI qualifications and a wealth and depth of experience. You’ll receive coaching on all disciplines of the sport: halfpipe, cross events, slopestyle, boxes, rails, butters, jibs, backcountry tips and inverts.