Lewis Hopkinson Season Edit 2017

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Lewis Hopkinson Season Edit 2017
Style aged 11

Lewis had a great winter, going 4 for 4 in the “Super Grom” category in the Zillertal Välley Rälley, being crowned “Prince of the Välley” at the final stop in Mayrhofen. He put down some solid runs at the QPark and World Rookie Tour events and looks to be in a very strong position in the coming seasons as he matures in the Grom category.
Lewis also added a bunch of tricks to his bag; notably a super stylish switch back 5 and a huge back 3 on the 19 metre proline in Kaltenbach. After getting his first backflip in Laax, Lewis put a ton of work in and reached number 100 by the final days of the season.

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