Gabe Adams Season Edit 2017

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Gabe Adams Season Edit 2017
‘Every Edge’

Gabe at 14, has been training with Why Ain’t You Jibbin for 8 years. Every year he has consistently progressed along our pathway, this season hitting a big milestone by getting his doubles. The dub wildcat was stomped 1st attempt and to this date has had hands down once. To cap it off, the back dub 10 and back dub 12 were dialled on the 18m at our training ground in Kaltenbach. Stoked!

A marker was also hit this season on the competition circuit. A first FIS Europa Cup Big Air in Götschen and Junior World Snowboard Chamionships in Czech mean he is stacking the points which will one day take him to the Olympics. Locally, he was crowned ‘King of the Välley’ once taking the overall title on the Zillertal Välley Rälley Tour.

With an immense foundation of rotations, the future is exciting!

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